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Kickstarted ending with a 768% achieving rate

Outdoor exploration, camping, and other activities are becoming a more and more popular lifestyle, causing the demand for the solar generator to rise drastically.
Seeing the promising future of the portable power pack market, Aiper begins to seize the market opportunity with the latest product, FLASH-150w. With FLASH-150w, our Kickstarted crowdfunding in April and May 2019 ending with a 768% achieving rate, there is no doubt of the success


Although the crowdfunding campaign at Kickstarter was expected to have just 150 supporters, surprisingly, it achieved more than three times as many, with a total of 558 supporters. Many supporters expressed their love for our portable solar power supply FLASH-150w in the comments. They have been left impressed by how much convenience the portable power pack brought to their life.

Hop Top Films Company, a big fan of Aiper, was impressed by FLASH-150w, commenting that after using the product, it ended up wanting more.


As for Gabriel Garlson was even more astonished when he found out that the FLASH-150w only took 45 minutes to fully charge his iPhone XS.


Soon after receiving FLASH-150w, many supporters also shared the exciting experience brought by our solar generator. In particular, the large capacity of power storage which enables users to fully utilize each output terminal. When using the solar generator, the device prepares corresponding solutions in time for different conditions.

In an article published by BRIGHTBULB, the author, Mason Thibault writes that FLASH-150w is the best choice when the power is off or in case of natural disasters or other emergencies. It not only provides lighting but also offers power for various electronics around you.

There are even supporters who love the small size but excellent storage capacity.

Kraig Becker said in his article published by the ADVENTURE blog that the most satisfying thing for our FLASH-150w is its combination of sizes, charging ports, and battery packs. The most impression left by him is a small size (only 3.8 pounds) because of that he can be ready to charge the device anywhere at any time.

Besides, the safety of the product should be put on the top priority. Derek Markham, in his article published by Clean Technica, states that the protective system of our solar generator caught his attention. Among other functions, because of crucial safety functions and BMS or battery management system, FLASH-150w can intelligently realize short circuit protection, automatic detection of abnormalities, and others.




Thanks to crowdfunding at Kickstarter wide influence, many Internet bloggers, after using our portable power pack, have sent out product reviews on platforms such as YouTube, stating that they are willing to recommend this treasure to their fans. Among them, there are PREPAREDMIND101 who have more than 200 thousand fans and korguenkomodo who has stated in his video that FLASH-150w is the best solar generator he has ever seen.

Not only korguenkomodo but for other bloggers preferred the 8 output ports of FLASH-150w, for it can adapt to different types of devices. (One end of FLASH-15w has a standard AC power outlet and sports a 1W LED light; the other end has a port (DC input) for charging the device, a 12V 10A carport, two 12V 5A DC ports, a Type C USB port, QC 3.0 USB port and two standard USB A ports.)

Even under the videos of bloggers, there are many people commenting that they are interested in this portable power supply after the blogger's introduction.

There is no doubt that such a delicate and portable device will be the best emergency power supply during natural disasters and wild exploration when it comes to the success of  Kickstarted crowdfunding.

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